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Aussie woman found guilty after assaulting cabin crew

An Australian woman is awaiting sentencing in California having been found guilty of US federal charges after assaulting United cabin crew earlier this year. 



24 year old Adau Akui Atem Mornyang was convicted of an incident occurring on 21 January this year in which she, appearing to be intoxicated, was both verbally and physically abusive to cabin crew and other passengers onboard a United Airlines plane travelling from Melbourne to Los Angeles.


At the trial, the jury was told that Mornyang was flailing her arms and yelling obscenities and racial slurs throughout the flight. When passengers alerted a member of cabin crew to her behaviour, he approached her to assess the situation when Mornyang shouted at him slapped him across the face.


The flight attendant attempted to restrain Mornyang until federal air marshals could assist. The marshals were then forced to stay with Mornyang in the rear galley of the plane for the duration of the flight.


The jury found Mornyang guilty of a felony charge of interference with a flight crew and a misdemeanor assault count.


She is scheduled to be sentenced on 24 June, and faces a statutory maximum sentence of 21 years in federal prison.



Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 22 March 2019

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