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Avalon first Aussie airport to launch touch-less check-in

Will this be the future of flight check-in?

In a move it says will boost passenger safety and experience, Elenium Automation will expand its partnership with Avalon Airport to create the first touch-less check-in service at an airport in Australia. 


Last month, the passenger experience company said it had developed touch-less, patent-pending technologies that can also measure a passenger’s vital signs including temperature, respiratory and heart rate – all desirable attributes in the COVID-19 age. 


And when it returns to service post its COVID-19-related closure, Avalon will become the first Aussie air hub to use the technology.



“The partnership between Elenium and Avalon demonstrates how quickly a response to the COVID-19 virus can be implemented,” Avalon Airport CEO Justin Giddings said. 


“This solution will allow passengers to go through the self-service experience without touching a device, thereby providing a seamless, intuitive and safe method of moving quickly through the airport.” 


According to Elenium, passengers will control their interaction with check-in kiosks and bag drops by moving their heads, as cameras link that movement to a cursor on the screen. 


Passport checks will also be touch-less, with passengers able to simply hold their document in front of a camera. 


“While this is very difficult time for the aviation industry, we have an opportunity to make the changes for passenger safety and well- being that will increase their confidence,” Elenium Automation CEO and co-founder Aaron Hornlimann said. 


“We are very excited that Avalon is working with us to ensure the airport is in a great position to rebound from this crisis by giving their passengers and team a streamlined, safe airport experience. 


“We believe the introduction of touchless self-service will encourage people to return to travel.”


A response to the coronavirus pandemic, Elenium’s full suite of new technology includes:

- Touchless control of a device using voice recognition (multiple languages), developed in partnership with Amazon Web Services 

- Touchless control of a device using head movement control 

- Touchless passport and identity card reading 

- Touchless vital sign detection, including temperature, respiratory and heart rates 


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 10 May 2020

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