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Bag handler caught stealing from luggage

Hardly, a smooth criminal

If there’s ever been a case for keeping locks on your checked luggage, this is it... 


A baggage handler at Ibiza airport was caught on video stealing an item from a passenger’s suitcase while loading bags onto a plane. 


The incident was filmed by a passenger on the Ryanair jet, which was bound for Madrid. 



After being alerted to the incident by the onlooker, police coaxed a confession out of the man, who had just started his job three days before. 


The worker, who was employed by the airport and not the airline, will now face court. 


Meanwhile, the pilfered item, a pricey speaker, has been returned to its teenage owner. 


"The police told me it was the third day the man had been working at the airport and returned the speaker to me immediately,” the owner’s mother told Ibiza paper Diario de Ibiza.


“I was very grateful because I had bought it for my son’s birthday."


According to The Mirror, last month a baggage handler at the same airport was seen throwing passengers’ suitcases around haphazardly, lobbing luggage several feet in the air and on to a truck. He was heckled by passengers.


“People spend 130 dollars on a decent suitcase and after this it is scuffed up, the frame bent and the telescoping handle now jammed and won’t work," American tourist Sarah Dodge said.


Have you ever witnessed over-the-top baggage handling at an airport?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 18 September 2018

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