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Baggage handler shares his top tips to avoid losing your bag on your next flight

As people plan to jet off over the upcoming school holidays, pictures of piles of lost baggage can send chills down the spines of even the hardiest of travellers. 



An experienced baggage handler says travellers can make things a lot easier on themselves if they simply do the following, as told to The Times:



If you can get away with carry on baggage, do that. Not only will this mean you won’t lose your baggage, but it also means you can zip past the baggage claim carousels and get out of the airport faster. 



When travelling with other people, make sure you spread your belongings equally among all the bags so that even if one of them is lost, none of you will be caught out with nothing. 



Those luggage tags attached to your bag come off, so write your name and contact details in permanent marker on the bag. Because who doesn’t like shelling out for a suitcase only to scribble all over it?



Have you seen the photos of baggage simply piled one on top of another? If you can’t find your bag, you can simply show airport workers and they can help you look. Also, a few photos of what you’ve packed may help with insurance claims. 


Some passengers are also purchasing tracking devices such as the Apple Air Tag so that they can pinpoint the location of their luggage if the airlines can’t. 


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Published: 27 June 2022

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