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Brisbane to LA in an hour? China says yes

A Chinese company is developing a “rocket with wings” that it claims by will be able to fly passengers at nine times the speed of sound. 


It’s first flight is set for 2024. The first crewed flight, by 2025. So if all goes to plan, in less than five years, Chinese company Space Transportation will have you in LA in an hour or so. 



The reusable “rocket with wings” is hoped to provide rapid transportation between two locations on Earth through suborbital travel, flying 7,000 mph. Which, for those who don’t quite get the craziness of that, is Mach 9.12, nine times the speed of sound, Jalopnik reported.


Remember the Concorde? That flew at Mach 2.04. So it’s basically a moped in comparison.


According to a video on Space Transportation’s website, passengers will board a plane attached to a wing powered by rockets. Take off will be vertical, after which point the plane detaches from the rocket-powered wing and continues its suborbital journey. At the end it lands vertically on three legs that deploy from the rear.  



Whew. I’m still pretty impressed by the external camera on an Emirates A380.


In a recent interview with the Yicheng Times, the company said the ship’s costs would be lower than that of rockets that carry satellites and will (uh-duh) offer faster speeds than traditional aircrafts. 


And you wondered how all that space tourism talk would benefit you.


All images: Space Transportation



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Published: 3 February 2022

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