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“Chicken pie or nothing”: The unpopular change to Qantas’ inflight meals

Jon was travelling from Adelaide to Sydney when he was told of changes to the airline’s domestic inflight meals. 


“I’m informed that #Qantas no longer serve vegetarian food on domestic flights (except Perth),” he tweeted.


“Is Alan Joyce deliberately trying to run @Qantas into the ground? What kind of airline stops offering vegetarian food to its passengers? It was chicken pie or nothing tonight.”



A Qantas spokesperson told that since the start of the pandemic, the airline had streamlined its food and beverage service offerings to “simplify the service delivery for our crew”.


“We now offer a single meal/snack option per flight on our shorter flights, such as a chicken pie or a zucchini and onion frittata.


“If the option on a particular flight is not suitable for vegetarians, we try to offer an alternative of a small sweet or savoury snack which is vegetarian.”


Special meals can still be pre-booked on longer domestic and international flights. And both Virgin and Jetstar still offer vegetarian options on its domestic legs.


“I went on a Jetstar flight recently,” said original poster Jon,  “and got a better option than Qantas. Not even Ryanair would try this on.”


While some sided with the airline, suggesting for shorter flights, not eating or bringing your own snacks was always an option, others were not happy.


“You’d think they’d err on the side of vegetarian, or even vegan, food as a one-size-fits-all approach since that covers all dietary requirements”, one person responded


“And there are some just satisfying vegetarian dishes that most people would find appealing. BTW – I am not a vegetarian or a vegan.”


Another person agreed, posting, “If one size fits all re a meal choice of meat or veg, surely veg is the common denominator!? Seriously, that’s a ridiculous choice by Qantas.”

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Published: 21 September 2022

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