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Could this be the mask you use during inflight meals?

It’s called a Kosk, a combination of ‘ko’, the South Korean word for nose, and ‘mask’ and it’s been designed to be worn under a regular mask.



Imagine sitting on a flight and meal time rolls around. You take off your mask to eat or drink and, voila! your nose is still covered, because you’re wearing a Kosk. 


The Kosk, strange as it looks, is a mask just for your nose. 


Available on online retailer Coupang, a pack of ten will set you back about $11.40. 


While some call the design “next level stupidity”, studies have shown that the nose is the easiest entry point for coronavirus, The Guardian reported. 


Professor Catherine Bennett, chair in epidemiology within Deakin University’s Institute for Health Transformation in Australia, told Nine News that masks that only cover the nose were a “strange idea’” but would be “better than nothing”.


“It probably makes a marginal difference,” she said.


This isn’t the only solution to eating while masked. 


There’s this mask which comes complete with hole, found on Amazon



Or, if you’re wanting to take bigger bites, there’s always this little zipper number also found on Amazon. Just mind your lips when zipping up…

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Published: 3 February 2022

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