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Flight attendant helps mum in ‘precious’ moment

“It’s the feel good story we need today”

A flight attendant onboard a Frontier Airlines flight went above and beyond the call of duty recently after helping a mum calm her crying baby. 


With one witness calling it a “precious moment”, the good deed was caught on camera and shared on Facebook by Jamie Applegate Hunter. 



“This flight attendant on Frontier Airlines from Tyler to Denver helped a mom calm her screaming baby, and it was PRECIOUS!!” Applegate Hunter wrote. “It’s the feel good story we need today.” 


Reaction to the post was warming.


“Awesome story,” one Facebook user said.


Another added that, “this post is so precious! This makes me happy!”.


Others were more interested in the ‘status’ of the flight attendant.


“Is he single? Does he have a brother? A cousin? Or even sister?” one asked.


The cabin crew member, Joel O Paris Castro, told Fox News he tried to make all flyers more comfortable.


"When it came to the little girl, she looked like she just wanted to explore for a little while, and the mom looked like she could've used a well-deserved break, so I happily took the little girl from her hands and rocked her for a little while," he said. 


"I've always thought it takes a village to raise children …  And besides, I bet my mother could've used a couple of breaks when I was growing up."


About the moment, which occurred on a service between Texas and Colorado, Frontier said they loved their crew’s passion for their jobs.  


“Frontier is known for being family-friendly airline and we love that our team goes above and beyond to ensure everyone has an enjoyable flight,” the carrier said.


Have you ever seen a really heartwarming moment like this?


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 12 August 2019

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