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Flight attendants’ pet hates revealed

Some are obvious, others less so…

It may only be externalised by a quick roll of the eyes, a cool snub or a slightly raised voice, but even the most patient of flight attendants (and anyone’s who’s spent a good amount of time in the air, and the seen the sort of behaviour that’s out there, know the vast majority must be), surely have a breaking point.


From cramming rubbish into the back of seats to ignoring carry-on restrictions, a recent forum on Reddit has revealed the sort of behaviour that really gets your flight attendant’s goat, and the antics travellers should avoid, if they want to stay on the right side of their cabin crew.


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Find your seat yourself It’s not a cryptic puzzle

CallMe said: “I have often seen people show their boarding pass and ask where their seats are. It’s a big straight tube. How hard can it be?”


Adhere to carry-on guidelines Your overhead isn’t just yours

UberGerbil said: “If you want to carry all of your items on the plane please for the love of god make sure your carry on items are not too big and that you don’t have to many.”


Don’t let your kids run amok Or your flighties won’t be the only ones upset

Del said: “Keep in mind your kids have to follow the same laws the rest of us do, and ignoring that is only putting your kid at risk. Make sure they buckle up. If they don’t like it, too bad. And don’t ever left your kids run up and down the aisle, it’s dangerous for them, it’s rude to us, and it bothers everyone else.”


Listen to the safety demo In other words, keep quiet

Yellowwbird said: “If you’re in the front with me while I’m demonstrating, or in the back with me while I’m speaking the safety demo, please be quiet and courteous. If you’re having a loud conversation and talking over me, it is distracting.”


Obey mobile phone restrictions And enjoy your disconnection

UberGerbil said: “If you’re asked to turn it off. Turn It Off. It’s not your plane. It isn’t that bad to be away from your device for 20-30 minutes – read a real book or magazine with real pages occasionally.”


Avoid flirting with crew Don’t be too ‘nice’

Unreg said: “The most annoying have to be the Mile High Club requests – no I don’t want to come to the bathroom with you.”


You don’t need a full inventory of the drinks trolley Does it matter if it’s a pinot gris or pinot grigio?

Sad_Pandaa said: “Being asked what drinks you have gets old. “If I had to list off every single beverage we had off to everyone who asked everyday I would lose my voice. Just ask for something and if we don’t have it we’ll go from there.”


Discard your rubbish properly No one should have to touch your snotty tissues

Kimgoesrawrrr said: “Throw your own trash away. We walk through the aisle with trash bags, there’s often a big trash bin on your way out and, if not, a trash can right inside the terminal. The worst part was the bathrooms and the pockets on the back of the chairs. I have to reach my hand in there and pull stuff out. The number of times I have stuck my hand in gum or bloody tissues is too darn high.”


Don’t play with yourself Guess this doesn’t go without saying

NiKva 1744 said: “Those who think they are j***ing off discreetly beneath their in-flight blankets, but who [sic] really aren’t. We know.”


Leave your personal belongings behind in an evacuation Or else you could wind up here

Lennarn said: “Don’t bring your carry-on when evacuating.”


Don’t blame cabin crew for late flights Or anything else beyond their control, for that matter

Inked1986 said: “We can’t control the weather and we aren’t responsible for booking your tickets, so please don’t get mad at us if you are about to miss your connection. If you’re flying through Chicago in January with a twenty minute layover, you’re gonna have a bad time.”


What other irritating behaviour do you see out there?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 13 March 2017

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