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FLIGHT REVIEW: Hawaiian Airlines Flight 452 - Sydney to Honolulu

I love it when you get a taste of your destination as soon as you board an aeroplane. The welcoming lilting sounds of the ukulele on board my Hawaiian Airlines flight transport me instantly to Hawaii and have me dreaming of large mai tais, rolling surf and shimmering sunsets (in that order). Along with the warmth, friendliness and colour of the crew I’m already in an aloha state of mind!



Take off is on time and the Extra Comfort option gives you priority boarding and generous extra leg room - all 175 cm of me is feeling happy and outstretched!


The cabin has a 2-4-2 configuration and each of the 192 regular economy seats is 18 inches wide and offers 31 inches of pitch, while each of the 68 Extra Comfort seats is also 18 inches wide but sports a generous 36 inches of pitch.



The USB port and cute amenity kit are gratefully received as my phone battery is well and truly depleted and my human battery not far behind. It’s a night flight so hoping for some shut eye.... but hungry so also hoping for some nice Hawaiian hospitality before recharging myself!


Dinner is a light snack pack consisting of a tasty Caesar chicken wrap, some healthy apple slices and a shortbread biscuit. Lucky for me my request for a second wrap is granted. There’s a good selection of movies and TV (again you get extra complimentary entertainment in Extra Comfort) and I manage to resist the urge to watch ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ for the third time and settle in to ‘The First Man’ but I don’t even make it through the first three minutes before I start to nod off. 



Five solid slumber hours later and I’m greeted by a smiling face and a hot sausage...accompanied by scrambled egg and potatoes. A tasty start to the day washed down with a good cuppa.



With only a couple of hours to go and an early landing promised I watch the end of my movie and eagerly await arrival into Hawaii.


At only $179 extra to upgrade to Extra Comfort it’s well worth it!




Bring an empty suitcase. The shopping in Hawaii (even with the exchange rate) is excellent and Hawaiian Airlines gives you 2x 32 kilo bags! Just think of all those Hawaiian shirts you can bring home. Why wouldn’t you?





DATE: 6 April 2019

CRAFT: A330-200


CLASS: Extra Comfort


SEAT: 18A (window)



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Written by: Jenny Rowland
Published: 8 April 2019

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