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Flight’s only two passengers get full treatment

Big kudos to this cabin crew

Any performing artist worth their salt would put on the same show for ten people, or at least enter into it with the same vigour, as they would a show for 10,000.



The same could be said of the cabin crew on a recent US flight, whose professionalism in the face of of an empty plane was unwavering.


The only two people on board the flight, YouTuber RadioKick and his father were about to depart for Seattle when crew presented them with a full safety demonstration.


“So my dad and I took a flight and we were the only two passengers. The flight attendants still went through all the motions, announcements, and safety preparations,” he states on his page.


His upload of the safety demonstration has since been viewed nearly 40,000 times.


More than one commenter on the page clearly thought it odd the crew would still make the demonstration from the front of the plane.


“Haha that's funny how they are at the top of plane, rather back by you,” Andrew Vinson said.


Funky Buddha added: “But it's a bit obscure though, couldn't she have come to them and talk to them directly instead of standing way at the front and sending her voice through the speaker system? It's awkward so he recorded it.”


One viewer suggested the pair could’ve been upgraded to the cockpit, while another questioned the carbon footprint of the flight, comparing it to “a yeti or bigger”.


Have you ever been on a near empty flight? Did the cabin crew perform differently?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 16 January 2017

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