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Flyer checks in pool noodle and the airline’s response is impressive

If you fly with Southwest Airlines, you can travel with two free checked bags. Not one to waste an opportunity, Sydney Fowls used her second baggage allowance to check in a pool noodle.


Why buy a pool noodle in Florida when she could pack one from her home in Columbus, Ohio? That and the fact that her friends bet her $20 she wouldn’t, spurred Fowls into action. All of which she shared on TikTok. 



My pool noodle made it back home to Ohio! Thank you Southwest Airlines for everything you did for me! @flysouthwest @junebug2433 ##viral

? SexyBack (feat. Timbaland) - Justin Timberlake

But not only did Fowls successfully travel both legs with her noodle, Southwest went to the next level, greeting her flight with a pool noodle salute on the ramp and a mess of pool noodles at baggage claim. 


The airline even presented Fowls with her very own Southwest Airlines pool noodle.


Ahh, airline hijinks how we miss you!


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Published: 31 May 2021

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