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Frankfurt airport developing flying taxis

Let’s hope no drunk passengers will be able to hop these rides home

In what could be at least part of a solution to road congestions around hubs - assuming they’re even remotely affordable (and safe), the operator of a major global airport says it is developing a concept for electric air taxi services. 


Fraport, which operates Frankfurt Airport, is working on the idea with German firm Volocopter, which makes two-seat aircraft that can fly with a pilot or autonomously. 


Image Fraport AG/Volocopter GmbH


In a statement, Volocopter says the concept relies on successfully building the idea “into existing transport infrastructure”. 


This will be examined using a so-called Volocopter Port. In the future, Volocopter Ports could link existing urban transportation junctions with one another and provide connections to and from Frankfurt Airport (FRA),” it says. 


With successful testing already undertaken in Dubai, Volocopter asserts its technology is quiet, safe and emissions-free. But the legal framework around autonomous flying into airports is yet to be established, so any operations would have to wait until at least that is laid down.


“Autonomous flying will fundamentally change aviation in the years to come,” Fraport executive board member for operations, Anke Giesen remarked. 


“We want to be the first airport in Europe to harness the potential of electric air taxis in partnership with pioneer Volocopter – for the benefit of our passengers and the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main region.”


According to Fortune, Boeing and Uber are also working on their own air taxis and the regulatory framework to run them.


Let’s just hope no drunk passengers will be able to hop these rides home.


What do you think of this idea?

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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 13 February 2019

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