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FRESH FACES: Air Vanuatu’s Ashley Rule

Recently appointed Air Vanuatu sales executive ASHLEY RULE doesn’t have a cure for jetlag, but working for an airline he may know the next best thing. And what other important travel tip does he have?


Where was the last place you visited?

My last trip was Vanuatu in August this year for our annual trade event ‘Tok Tok’. It’s the biggest event on the tourism calendar for Vanuatu and a wonderful opportunity to network with our industry colleagues on all things Vanuatu.

As Air Vanuatu are a major sponsor, all delegates fly with us from Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific. This year was very successful and we had a number of new faces in attendance, which was great to see.


Where are you going to next?

I’m heading back up to Port Vila at the end of the month to inspect the new Airbus A220, which will be on a promotional tour throughout the South Pacific.

Air Vanuatu will be the launch customer in Oceania for the A220 and take delivery of our first - of four - aircraft in July 2020, so this trip will be a great opportunity for me to have a hands on experience with what will be our brand new aircraft next year.


Besides your passport, what’s one thing you always take on your travels with you?

My Nikon 5600. There’s nothing like capturing the essence of a destination with a good quality SLR camera. A picture does say a thousand words. 


Why did you start at Air Vanuatu?

I started with team Australia in 2016, based in Sydney. I was given the opportunity to ‘spread the love,’ updating our industry friends all about this beautiful tropical destination and how Air Vanuatu powers tourism throughout the archipelago.

2019 has been the most exciting year of change in Air Vanuatu’s history with our Melbourne launch last month, and there’s more exciting things to come.  


Tell us something people might not know about Air Vanuatu

Since we have a very small team (only 12 staff in team Australia) managing a total of 30 arrivals and departures every week – we are all very hands on. 


What's one thing travellers should know about the airline?

Our new [A220] aircraft will have the biggest windows of any narrow-bodied aircraft and the widest middle seat. Plus the economy class lavatory also has a large window – (hashtag) #loo with a view!


What are your top travel tips?

As soon as you board an aircraft, always set your watch to the local time at your destination. It won’t cure jetlag, but it will help your mind focus on the journey ahead …and your body clock when you get there.

Also, talk to a friendly local. They’ll know you’re a tourist, and most times be happy to give you some insider tips.


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Written by: ASHLEY RULE as told to Traveltalk
Published: 14 October 2019

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