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Future of air travel arrives in Sydney

Present passport, receive boarding pass, put them away, present them again, put them away again, present them again, just the boarding pass this time... The airport experience is an exercise in juggling important documents while coordinating queues, security screening and eventual boarding. It’s little wonder then that many a traveller experiences that moment of terror thinking they’ve lost their passport or ticket.



The answer is, of course, biometric technology and Sydney Airport has collaborated with Qantas in a trial of its use.


Select Sydney Airport passengers are now using groundbreaking biometrics technology with facial recognition processing, the endgame being a more seamless airport experience.


“In the future, there will be no more juggling passports and bags at check-in and digging through pockets or smartphones to show your boarding pass,” Sydney Airport CEO Geoff Culbert said.


“Your face will be your passport and your boarding pass at every step of the process.”


The first phase of the trial will test four key steps in the passenger journey including automated check-in, bag drop, lounge access and boarding. 


Additional steps proposed for future trials include mobile check-in and automated border processing, though at present the Australian Government’s border processing procedures will remain unchanged.


Qantas passengers on select international flights will participate with the airline, the launch partner for the trial.


“There is an increasing need for airlines and airports to offer faster and more convenient airport experiences and we’re excited to see what results the trial produces,” Qantas Chief Customer Officer Vanessa Hudson.


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 6 July 2018

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