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FUTURE OF FLYING: Two levels in Economy?

Before COVID-19, airlines were all about getting as many people on a plane as possible. It was a necessary evil you lumped to get somewhere else. But in an age where proximity is discouraged, are these designs still relevant?


21-year-old Alejandro Núñez Vicente studies at TU Delft University in the Netherlands. Travelling across Europe in economy class, Núñez Vicente realised that by simply raising every other row, leg room would no longer be an issue. 


Image: Crystal Cabin Awards


Instead of storing luggage in overhead compartments, passengers would have compartments under seats. 


“The lower row has the advantage of passengers having the lounge experience of a couch by stretching the legs, whilst the upper row provides an SUV experience, making it possible for instance to cross the legs due to the increased leg room and overall living space," Núñez Vicente told CNN Travel. 


Travellers would also be able to recline more, he said. 


Despite working on the design pre-pandemic, Núñez Vicente claims it works in the current climate too.


"As it gives more space between passengers, and positions them at different heights, it is more suitable for flights in pandemic times," he said. 


My concern is that the picture make it look like the person in front (and above) you would have the bottom in your face, and we all know how flying impacts farting...



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Published: 31 May 2021

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