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Genius pre-flight hack for travelling with kids

We had a day of flying before us and a feisty two year old who had two speeds: asleep and Tasmanian devil whirlwind. 


After our first leg, having forced her through playgrounds and walking the length of the airport, we played Maypole. I was the maypole and she had to run around me until we were both dizzy. I thought I was a genius…until I saw Kiley’s video on TikTok (@mamastayup) which is actual Nobel prize-winning genius. 


Kiley filmed her toddler and his dad walking the wrong way on the travelator. 



"He looks so proud of himself for going somewhere….but he's hardly moved! Love it!!!" 


While I thought people would go mad at the misuse of the travelator, think for a minute about when you actually used one of them or even saw someone on them. It’s like they were installed for this very purpose. 


But if not, one commenter suggested that "every airport should have a dedicated mini-exercise section like this to tire kids out".


And when choosing between a fiddly toddler, and having to walk past one going the wrong way on a travelator, I know what I would choose and I am not alone. 


"Brilliant.. on behalf of the passengers, THANK YOU," said one commenter.

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Published: 17 August 2022

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