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Ground crew lose key, passengers locked in plane

Passengers were locked onboard their plane for some twenty minutes while ground crew searched for the keys to get them out.

A newly arrived Thomson plane in Birmingham was forced to keep its passengers onboard as the ground crew were unable to find the key to operate the airbridge, the Birmingham Mail reported.


While ground staff from airport contractor Swissport searched for the electronic key, others went in search for a set of steps as an alternative means of getting passengers of the craft.


Passenger Dennis Smith told the Birmingham Mail that the pilot was forced to turn the air conditioning back on during the wait.


“We thought we might have to use the chutes to get off.”


A spokesperson for Swissport said the issue arose when a new shift of workers couldn't find the key which is “normally” kept in the control of the airbridge.


“When the new shift went in, there was no key.


“They were trying to find it while also looking for a set of steps.


“By the time they found a new key, the steps had turned up.”


The flight had flown from Kefalonia in Greece.


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 6 October 2017

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