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Hawaii-bound plane diverted over $12 blanket

Why you should always fly with a jumper, even if you're off to Hawaii

A large passenger plane travelling from Las Vegas to Hawaii was diverted to Los Angeles airport after a flyer caused a scene over the price of a blanket.


According to Los Angeles Airport Police Department spokesman officer Rob Pedregon, the incident began when the 66-year-old Hawaiian Airlines passenger complained about the onboard temperature and asked for a blanket. But things heated up when he was told the item would cost US$12 (AU$16).



Refusing to pay for the blanket, the man asked to speak with the airline’s corporate office, and on an inflight call with company representatives, allegedly threatened to “take someone behind the woodshed for this”.


Pedregon said the flight was then diverted to LAX due to “an unruly passenger”, a manoeuvre that also would've called for the plane's fuel load to be dumped.


Upon landing in LA, airport police and federal authorities met with crew and passengers and escorted the man from the plane, the Los Angeles Times reported.


After listening to the traveller’s complaints, officers sent the man on his way as no criminal threat had been determined.


The man then caught another flight out of LAX, Pedregon said.


Planes can get pretty chilly during flights – do airlines have a duty to therefore provide blankets free of charge?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 10 March 2017

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