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Here’s how to avoid those dreaded airport nightmares

Airlines across the world have cancelled hundreds of flights this week which has led to queues out of the terminal and long airport delays. With the travel industry struggling to meet demand as people look to jet off, the cancellations are looking like they are going to continue into the summer…



With this being said, finance Experts at Merchant Cash Advance have revealed their top tips on how to best prepare for your upcoming flights and what you should do in the event of any delays or cancellations.


Prepare all documentation in advance

Before you go, do what you can to avoid any hold ups and minimize the chance of disappointment. Booking flights through your airline directly tends to make it easier to change your itinerary in the event of a delay or cancellation in comparison to third party travel agents. As well as the flights themselves, make sure to check in the day before and prepare any Covid-19 testing or vaccination documents that may be required.


Travel light to save time

The lines to baggage drop have been problematic across many airports and holidaymakers have been facing very long queue times, even not receiving their luggage back for hours following their arrival. Where possible, travel with carry-on bags only so you can skip the baggage drop and luggage pick-up lines and get on with your day hassle free.


Know your compensation rights

Delays or cancellations will mean you are entitled to a full refund or compensation so know where you stand and read the terms and conditions of your booking provider. If your airline decides to cancel the flight, they will have to let you decide between a refund if you choose not to travel or accommodate you on a later flight, so make sure to consider your options in advance.


Try to book direct flights

With airports being prone to delays at the minute, it can be incredibly stressful for those who have a tight timeframe to make their connecting flight. To keep the risk down to a minimum, book a nonstop flight where possible or pick flights with longer stopovers that allocate plenty of time for switching flights and any delays you may have faced.


Find somewhere to stay nearby

Off the back of all the cancellations, many holiday goers find themselves stranded in the airport and unable to book into nearby hotels. If you are flying during the night, booking a backup hotel with a cancellation policy will mean you have somewhere to go if your flight doesn’t go ahead. Some hotels offer a 24-hour cancellation policy whereas others don’t charge until you check in so look for suitable options that won’t lose you money.


Book off-peak flight times

Busy periods are only getting busier as airports struggle to keep up with demand, making it harder than ever to get through the airport on time. Peak times such as school holidays and public holiday weekends are worth staying clear of where possible and instead, book onto mid-week flights where the airport tends to be quieter.


Buy sufficient travel insurance

Now more than ever, it is worth researching the best travel insurance which can cover you for your trip in the event of any delays or cancellations. Many policies include everything from flights and hotel expenses all the way to your meals, taking a lot of the pressure off you in the event of any hold ups you may face.

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Published: 22 June 2022

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