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How to fund your next holiday with QFF points

Qantas offers top tips


Qantas Frequent Flyer has revealed how making a few small changes to spending habits can help members fund a return flight from Sydney to London. 


According to Qantas, in 2018 one member earned 17 million points through “savvy points-earning behaviour”, while another member earned 11.5 million points on their Qantas credit card alone. 


While the average person mightn’t be able to spend that much, they can realise their “points potential” by taking advantage of opportunities to shop for flights, hotels, travel money, parking, cars, fuel and more at some 300 program partners. 


In fact, Qantas has calculated that members could earn up to 130,000 points on just their everyday spend by taking advantage of these tips:

“We know how much people value their Qantas Points – they can sometimes be the difference between being able to afford a holiday or not, or being able to treat yourself and a loved one to a luxury experience,” a Qantas spokesperson said.


“However, not everyone is reaching their full points potential. Making small changes to spending habits in 2019 can have a big impact.


“The beginning of the year is often the time to complete personal admin and set future goals and earning points can be a real incentive to achieve both. 


“Simple actions like getting a points- earning credit card, changing where you shop and switching to a service provider that rewards you with points can significantly increase your balance and get you on your way to your next holiday a lot faster.”


How much do mileage points impact your shopping behaviour?


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Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 16 January 2019

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