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“I was a complete plonker”: Why I wished I’d booked with a travel agent

There are a lot of ‘unknowables’ when it comes to travel. But when you’re packed and ready to go, your departure date shouldn’t be one of them.



Checking in at Sydney International Airport on Saturday was an easy, relaxed affair… A welcome contrast to the stressful week prior to flying when I was told by Webjet that my flight had been moved one day forward and to a different airline.


When I enquired if I could return one day later it was assumed I wasn’t accepting the schedule change and my flight was duly cancelled. I was informed three days before my departure date.


This is slightly embarrassing for me. I’m a travel industry media publisher and have always encouraged everyone to use travel agents. But it’s been a long time between flights and I was seduced by cheap fares. Basically I was a complete plonker booking an airline ticket with an online platform.


What possessed me? Never again!


I did manage to get the flight reinstated but spent more than SEVEN precious hours on the phone and created more drama for myself than a MAFS commitment ceremony.


My Singapore Airlines flight, though busy was just like pre-pandemic days. Check in was great, we departed on time and from my Economy seat (45K), I tried to claim back some of those seven hours in front of a decent sized flat screen with a squillion entertainment options. Heaven.


There’s a USB port to charge my poor overworked phone and I was eager to sit back, relax and bask in the euphoric, albeit masked, excitement of travelling to the UK after almost three long COVID years.


Book with a travel agent. Save yourself the stress, the phone calls, and let them do all the work to find the best value flights. 

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Written by: Jenny Rowland
Published: 4 May 2022

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