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Inflight meal breaks woman's tooth, she sues

Love it or hate it, plane food is what it is: a boredom busting distraction that is generally overcooked and at best a touch above merely edible. But it could be worse. Just ask this woman.


A Malibu woman was on a Delta flight from Turkey to Los Angeles in 2015 and ordered pita bread and baba ghanoush (eggplant dip) to snack on (and who wouldn't - yum). 


But when she went to take a bite, she told TMZ that she bit down on a “pebble” in the dip and broke a tooth, exposing a nerve.


The passenger’s screams of pain drew the attention of cabin crew who offered the woman $80 in airline miles as compensation.


Two years on, the woman is suing the airline for $9,999.99, claiming the airline has refused to compensate the “complex dental restoration” she has undergone since the alleged incident.


While many seem to doubt the woman’s claims, I'm finding it hard to think a pebble was involved. An errant olive seed perhaps?


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 11 September 2017

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