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Joyce gives honest advice to new Aussie airline

There’s a new entrant in the Australian aviation landscape, but Qantas CEO Alan Joyce isn’t running scared, in fact, he wants to collaborate

Oceania Express is the brainchild of Alex Jacquot and his mate Wolf. Together, they have hired a CFO, Head of IT, Head of Maintenance, Head of On Board Services, and Head of Legal. They are ten years old. 



In a letter, Jacquot hit up Joyce in regards to three matters:

  1. What tasks he can do as CEO;
  2. Any tips Joyce has for starting an airline; and
  3. “I’m thinking, as you are, about an A350 for Sydney/Melbourne to London flights. Seeing as it is a 25 hour flight, we are having a lot of trouble thinking about sleep. Do you have any advice?”


Joyce replied, advising that he had “heard some rumours of another entrant in the market” and that while he is “not typically in the business of giving advice to my competitors” (suggesting Jacquot’s Head of Legal would likely agree), he had the following to say:


“My number one tip for starting an airline is to put safety front and centre. And do everything you can to make travel as comfortable and affordable as possible for your passengers.”


When it comes to the sleep issue, Joyce mentioned Project Sunrise, Qantas’ plan to fly passengers from the east coast to Europe non-stop. He even invited Jacquot to meet with him, “as the CEO of Australia’s oldest airline and you, as the CEO of Australia’s newest airline.”


Jacquot’s mother told The Australian that her son had notebooks full of flight numbers, and had sorted out the menus on different flights.


“They have regular meetings at school planning whatever aspect they need to plan,” she said.


Jacquot and Joyce are currently comparing schedules to determine the best time to meet.


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 11 March 2019

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