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Major security overhaul for Australian airports

Australian airports are in for a security shake-up after it was revealed new protocols would be unveiled at passenger and luggage screening.


Image Lee Besford


The overhaul includes introducing full body x-ray scanners at domestic airports as well as possible new restrictions on liquids and other items in carry-on baggage at international hubs, Fairfax Media reported.


According to Fairfax, the first key change will be the introduction of full-body computed tomography (CT) scanners at the entry to domestic terminals, where only metal detectors are currently used.


Although some have labelled the technology invasive, the new machinery will apparently only create a generic figure highlighting possible areas of concern for security staff.


The second major development will be the replacement of standard baggage x-rays with detailed CT scanners for carry-on and checked luggage for both domestic and international services.


It is believed the government is also seriously considering limiting liquids, aerosol cans and gels on domestic services, while the Office of Transport Security is mulling the restriction of powders like baby formula on all services, sources told Fairfax.


It is understood the new measures were prompted by last year’s alleged meat-grinder bomb plot at Sydney Airport.


Some passengers could welcome the new CT scanners, as similar machines in use in Europe allow flyers to keep laptops and liquids inside hand luggage through security.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 6 May 2018

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