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Man books out entire business class cabin…for his pup

Sometimes life can get you down. Especially when you realise that nobody loves you enough to book out an entire business class cabin for you.


This dog will never know that a feeling because their owner loved them so much, they shelled out for 12 business class seats just so he could travel with his dog in luxury.



The man, who had to travel from Mumbai to Chennai, booked the entire business class cabin of an Air India flight, which likely set him back about Rs 2.4 lakhs for the two-hour long flight (that’s about AU$4,500), the Times of India reported. 


According to the Times, domestic flights in the country are booked to capacity at the moment.


Air India is the only Indian carrier that allows domestic pets in the cabin, but does require that pets sit in the last row of the booked cabin. 

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Published: 20 September 2021

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