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Melbourne Airport’s Uber push criticised

From 14 December, getting picked up by an Uber from Melbourne Airport will be easier than ever, but not everyone is happy.



27% of commercial vehicle pick ups in 2019 at Australia’s second busiest airport are Ubers. Taxis account for 22%. It makes sense then that Melbourne Airport thus introduced a dedicated pickup zone. 


Uber drivers will take over the taxi rank in front of Terminal 2, as well as a section of Terminal 4, with taxis now in front of Terminal 1 and part of Terminal 4.


However Victorian MP Rod Barton claims the move will make it harder for travellers in wheelchairs to get to accessible taxis as they will have to navigate more obstacles, NewsCorp reported. 


“This is an appalling decision. This is a shameful commercial grab to prioritise the Uber business model over disability services and industry participants,” Barton said.


“Disabled passengers will now have to travel the length of the airport and up a lift in a wheelchair dragging a bag just to reach a wheelchair accessible vehicle.”


But the introduction of Uber PIN technology should lesson the crowds waiting for vehicles, reducing wait times by up to 50%, Uber said.


Melbourne Airport will become the first in Australia and the wider region to adopt Uber PIN technology.


UberX will be available from Terminal 2 while travellers requesting Premier, Comfort, XL or Assist on the Uber app will be able to request a trip from a dedicated Uber pick up zone at either end of the Terminal 2 pickup zone, or at Terminal 4. 


How PIN works for UberX riders at Terminal 2:

  1. Request an UberX trip to receive a 4-digit personal identification number (PIN).
  2. Walk to the UberX pickup zone in front of Terminal 2, and either go to the first available car or, at busier times, join the queue.
  3. Share your unique PIN with the driver-partner. Verify vehicle and driver partner details before you get into the vehicle.
  4. Begin your trip! 


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Published: 13 December 2021

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