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Mid-flight Christian singalong “to bring hope and joy” sparks controversy

A video of a mini-Christian singalong onboard an easyJet flight has gone viral and sparked controversy across the world. 


According to the original poster @jackjensz_jnr, a team of people were on a flight returning from helping refugees at the Ukrainian border. 


“Over the last month we have been giving humanitarian aid, food and praying with the beautiful people of Ukraine,” he said. 


With “full hearts”, members of the team approached cabin crew to tell of their work in the Ukraine and asked if it’s ok if we sing 1 song to bring hope and joy to this flight”. 


The request was passed onto the pilot and, after their approval, the singers were introduced and singing started. 


For some three or so minutes people sang “How great is our god” amid mostly smiling or bemused faces (there is a little girl in the background with her hands in her ears, but hey, it wasn’t Encanto so…).


According to @jackjensz_jnr, “there were many Ukrainians on this flight”. 


The original clip was posted with the caption, “We are taking this flight over for Jesus!” and received around 31 million views in just two days.


While some reacted positively to the clip, others questioned how appropriate the act was.


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Published: 20 April 2022

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