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No masks required on these QF flights

Qantas passengers flying from NSW, Queensland and WA airports to the US, Rome and the United Kingdom can travel mask-free.


The reasons for those destinations being chosen came down to their governments removing mask mandates, a Qantas spokesperson told The Australian.



“The change to in-flight mask requirements on some inter­national flights is an important step in our transition to living with Covid, and we welcome this change,” a letter to staff read. 


“The removal of mask mandates for airports and some international flights reinforces that the lifting of mask mandates on board aircraft in all settings is the appropriate next step.”


Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry tourism chair John Hart said the move by the airline would enhance the travel experience for passengers. 


“Qantas have proven [and] there’s been a number of studies into the safety of aircraft, that their air articulation systems mean it’s not necessary for passengers to have to wear a mask,” he told the Australian. 


The Australian cited a recent study by Boeing which found sitting next to someone in an aircraft is the equivalent of sitting over two metres away from them in indoor environments on the ground due to airflow and layout of the cabin. 


“You’ve got the HEPA filters on an aircraft that take out 99 per cent of all particles, including Covid-19,” Qantas CEO Alan Joyce told 2GB.


“You’ve got the air that circulates every six minutes, you’ve got everybody facing in a forward direction … So we think there’s a good case to remove masks from aircraft.”


Given current Australian legislation, domestic passengers will still have to don a face mask.


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Published: 22 June 2022

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