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“On this aircraft, I’m God”: plane captain kicks anti-masker to the curb

Another day, another flyer refusing to wear a mask. Well, this plane captain is having none of it, and when confronted with an anti-masker, brought some much needed truth to the situation.

Over $100k in fines have been issued for not wearing a face mask on flights in the United States. And despite the country’s fast uptake of vaccinations, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has come out against lifting the federal mandate requiring flyers to wear masks on flights.


"The truth is that the unvaccinated portion that's out there is extremely vulnerable," CDC global migration and quarantine director Marty Cetron told Reuters.


None of this has stopped people from griping or just plain refusing to properly don a mask for their flights.



But when an American Airlines captain recently had a passenger escorted from his flight for doing just that, he gave passengers a succinct reason why. A passenger on his flight filmed his comments and uploaded the video to Reddit.


“The job of the captain of an aircraft is to get you somewhere safe. That’s my job,” he told passengers over the PA.


“We have a mask policy we have to comply with and we’ve got somebody who doesn’t want to comply.


“It’s not up for discussion. It’s not up for negotiation.


“On this aircraft, I am God. I decide what happens.”


His comments were met with applause from passengers as he finished with, “let’s try to get along”.


I don’t know about you, but maybe we need more of this straight talk right now. So if you’re in lock down: stay home. Wear a mask when not at home. To everyone: when it’s your time, GET VACCINATED.

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Published: 19 July 2021

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