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Onboard Airbus’ new A350 XWB

Dreamliner rival said to offer more space and less noise. (Sounds good.)

Airbus has revealed the interior of the jet it hopes will take the fight to Boeing’s B777 and B787 in the long-haul aviation market.


Unveiled in Hamburg, where two test planes have been fitted out with full economy and business class interiors, the A350 cabin features 18-inche-wide seats in coach, larger overhead storage, and a roomier cabin (highlighted by more vertical walls).


In-flight entertainment boxes will and connections have been placed under the floor, making it more comfortable for those passengers with longer legs, while the jets will feature a system, which replaces air inside the cabin every two to three minutes. 



Nicknamed by some, the “Hushliner”, for its lower noise levels, the extra-wide body (XWB) will also offer full cabin LED lighting that Airbus says can offer a whopping 16.7 million possible colors.


In its typical configuration, which is eight to ten seats wide, the A350 will accommodate 250 to 300 passengers. But the aircraft could seat as many as 400 in an all-economy configuration.


Ultimately, the customer airlines will decide upon the density and types of seats they will offer aboard the new planes.



Made of 53 percent composite materials, the A350 XWB has also been designed to be more fuel-efficient, boasting wings which are said to reduce drag.


The launch customer for the A350, Qatar Airways, has ordered 80 of the three variants of the aircraft, and is scheduled to take delivery of its first jet later this year.


As of December 2013, Airbus has received orders for 812 aircraft from 39 different customers around the globe. 


First image AFP / All other images Airbus

Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 13 April 2014

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