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Passenger accuses cabin crew of taking bribes

A passenger flying from Charleston to Houston posted an image of a member of cabin crew taking money from a passenger to Twitter.


The passenger claimed the flight attendant “took cash bribes from 1st class passengers in exchange for not enforcing federal mask mandate THE ENTIRE FLIGHT”.


The United Express flight was operated by Mesa Air and both it and United Airlines are said to be investigating the incident, Paddleyourownkanoo reported. 


While it does look a little suss (United only accepts contactless payment for food and beverage and in First Class, drinks are free), one also needs to consider that the US is a tipping nation and perhaps the First Class passengers may have just been tipping the accused. 


The passenger accusing the flight attendant even said, “She over served & provided to-go alcohol to these unruly individuals”, so it’s not completely out of the question.


In her photos, the First Class passengers are indeed not wearing a mask, but they are holding a beverage. BUT the federal mask mandate requires masks to be raised between sips.


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Published: 15 September 2021

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