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Passengers forced to jump from wing of plane

What they don't show you in a safety demonstration

Making an emergency evacuation from a plane would always be unsettling. But imagine if there was no soft slide for you to use, and in its place, an eight-foot jump onto hard tarmac.


That was the scenario some very unlucky passengers were faced with after an emergency landing in New Mexico.


Image David Fleck via AP


Dallas-bound Southwest Flight 3562 was about an hour out of Phoenix when crew noticed an unusual odour in the cabin, the carrier said in a statement.


According to Associated Press, flight crew then decided to make an emergency landing at Albuquerque International Sunport, New Mexico. Passengers were told to brace as the plane landed, AP reported.


"I sent a couple texts out to loved ones that you just don't really want to have to send out," said Brandon Cox, who was one of the passengers who was forced to jump from the wing of the plane onto the tarmac.


"I hit the ground really hard and was just shell-shocked that I just had to jump off the wing of an airplane."


Cox posted a video showing others passengers disembarking via slides, while crewmembers told everyone to "Move away from the aircraft now!".



Another traveller, David Fleck said he was surprised there were no emergency slides near the exit doors over the wing.


"It felt wrong when you're up there. It was dark, cold and rainy," he said. "It was disorienting. (You think), 'Do I really just jump down?'"


A Dallas police officer tweeted that flight attendants had done “a great job”.


According to the Albuquerque Fire Department department, two people were taken to hospital.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 13 March 2018

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