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Passengers left bemused by cabin crew twins

The flighties with a special bond

Some identical twins are inseparable. These two are certainly no different.


When Anna and Laura Penny, 23, applied for flight attendant jobs, their caveat was that either both of them would be employed or neither of them.


Image James Ward / Caters News


It was fortunate then they both landed roles at Virgin Atlantic, The Times reported.


“We rarely do anything without each other and we are definitely identical in every single way,” they said.


“When we both decided to apply to work for Virgin Atlantic, we said we wouldn’t accept the job unless the other twin got the role too.”


Needless to say, their presence on transatlantic flights together often leaves passengers confused.    


“People are always asking us if they’re seeing double, which is funny.”


“They will say things like, ‘I swear I just saw you down the end of the plane, how did you get here so quick?’”


Hailing from Britain’s West Midlands, the pair can discern the small physical features that distinguish them from one another, but most others can’t.


“When wearing our uniforms, it’s crazy how many people approach us about being twins.”


“We love all of the attention it brings and we feel so lucky to have our dream job together too.”



Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 7 August 2018

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