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Pilot buys pizzas for entire plane, and then helps deliver them

Nobody likes a diversion from their scheduled flight. But free pizza goes some way in easing the inconvenience. 


A quick thinking American Airlines pilot ordered 40 fresh pizzas for passengers from a Papa John’s pizzeria after bad weather forced a diversion of a Dallas-Fort Worth-bound flight to Wichita Falls, Texas. 


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Coming from Los Angeles, flight AA2354 was carrying 159 passengers when it was grounded short of its destination. 


But Captain Jeff Raines obviously understands customer service, and kindness.      


In a video of the act, the captain can be seen running back and forth between the pizza delivery vehicle at the airport and stranded passengers, CNN reported.


“I don’t think I’ve seen this before,” tweeted Josh Raines, who works at the airport and shot the video.


In the footage, people can be heard saying, “What a guy, what a guy.”


However, a modest Captain Raines was quick to divert praise on to his colleagues.


“Thanks for the compliments however this was a “TEAM” effort,” Raines said.


“My First Officer was on the telephone with crew tracking / hotel desk arranging for our release and hotels for the entire crew. 


“The Flight Attendants manned a galley cart from the aircraft serving waters, juice, and sodas to all the passengers in the terminal. 


“All while the Envoy SPS Personnel were arranging for a bus, re-booking flights, and answering a flurry of questions from these passengers. 


“Thanks to everyone for your help – there is no “I” in TEAM.”


AA told CNN the flight continued its journey the following (Friday) morning.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 10 September 2018

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