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Plane engine spews flames, forcing emergency landing

VIDEO: incident caught on camera

Passengers onboard a Philippine Airlines plane departing Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) were given a scare when one of the engines on the Boeing 777 started spitting flames. 


Image Twitter @KrisAnkarlo


Deemed a “technical problem” by airline officials, the incident occurred shortly after the flight left LAX bound for Manila Thursday afternoon. 


Carrying over 347 passengers and 18 crew, flight PR113 then turned around and performed an emergency landing, according to ABC7


Everyone on board the plane was evacuated safely and there were no injuries reported.



An onboard video of the incident shows flames spitting out one of the engines, while footage taken from the ground shows the plane leaving a trail of black smoke as it approaches LAX.


"I could see flashes of light. I though it was some kind of... just from the sunlight, and then I just start hearing 'boom , boom, boom.' and I look out of the window and there's balls of fires just shooting out of the engine," flyer Walter Baumann said.


According to Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor, an engine was lost but the plane landed “without incident”.



Elsewhere, a Turkish Airlines plane skidded off a runway on its second attempt at landing at Odessa Airport, Ukraine. 


The incident caused the collapse of the B737-800’s nose gear, however it remains unclear as to what caused the accident, Simple Flying reported. There were no injuries.




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Written by: Traveltalk
Published: 22 November 2019

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