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Produce markets, festivals and community events: inside Sydney’s second airport

“This will be Australia’s best airport terminal, unlike anything seen before in this country.” So says Western Sydney Airport’s chief executive Simon Hickey.


“It sets a new benchmark for what Australians will expect when they fly.”


Think lots of natural light and a “destination” forecourt, where locals could come for reasons other than flying.


“They might just come here for dinner and then go home," Hickey said. 


Mock ups of the airport show a terminal with lots of glass and ample shading, something Hickey says will ensure less energy is needed to keep the terminal at a comfortable temperature all year round.


Every aspect of the design brings together world’s best practice to create a terminal that will offer passengers and airlines an experience unrivalled among Australian airports, he said. 


"Flying from Western Sydney International will be fast, easy and seamless."


"For airlines, our terminal will be all about operational efficiency and reliability, providing an environment where passengers arrive at the aircraft feeling relaxed and ready to fly."


The terminal's forecourt will have areas for produce markets, festivals and community events. 


“A connection to Country will be reflected across both the departures and arrivals, ensuring the terminal has an authentic sense of place in Dharug country,” Hickey said, advising that Aboriginal communities were consulted throughout the design process. 


Terminal construction is due to begin at the end of the year. Western Sydney International is on track to begin international and domestic passenger services and air cargo operations in late 2026.


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Published: 7 June 2021

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