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Qantas apologises for unacceptable wait times

Gone are the days of people posting pictures of their boarding passes. The new trend seems to be posting pictures of their phones, showing how long they’ve been on hold. 


Ingrid Miller took a random sample of the 50 most recent comments complaining about Qantas on social media and found the average time spent waiting to talk to a Qantas representative was five hours and 36 minutes.


Miller has created a petition demanding Qantas improve, claiming the airline “is exploiting COVID as a guise to prioritise poor customer service and capitalise on creating further disadvantage for regional Australia”. 


At the time of publishing, 689 people have signed.


Qantas agreed that “these wait times are not acceptable, and we apologise to customers who have waited so long to get through to us”, a spokesperson told News Corp.


“No airline’s contact centres were designed to be able to manage the record number of calls and complexity of Covid-related queries, which continue to impact customer wait times as people re-book travel that’s been delayed for the past two years.


“We’re also seeing a fresh wave of calls with every change to a border somewhere in the world, as Covid restrictions are wound back, which often occur at no notice.”


According to the spokesperson, Covid has “significantly changed” the airline’s network such that many customer queries are far more complex than they were pre-pandemic and are on average “taking 50 per cent longer to resolve when chatting to one of our agents”.


“We’ve already added hundreds of staff to our call centres, and each month we are recruiting and training more people.


“Given the volume and the increased complexity of customer queries, it will take some time for call wait times to normalise.”



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Published: 30 March 2022

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