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Qantas assures “transparency” in face of price gouging accusations

Angry customers are accusing Australia’s flag carrier of price gouging, claiming that using the airline’s value of cancellation credits is not on par with fresh booking prices. 



One Qantas customer told A Current Affair that a flight she booked with a credit was almost double the price of the same service when booked fresh. 


“It’s not honest,” she said. 


A Current Affair claim to have used a customer's Qantas credit link to compare a flight from Sydney to Brisbane when booked using credit and when booked fresh.


The credit flight cost $529 return, while the fresh fare was just $238, 9 News reported. 


A spokesperson for Qantas said that when the borders started to stabilise last year some of the old rules regarding cancellations and charges were reinstated, but the airline “still offered a huge amount of flexibility compared to pre-COVID".


"Previously, that flexibility was only included in the more expensive fares,” the spokesperson said. 


"The message for customers is that we offer a lot more flexibility with booking than pre-COVID, but we still have some rules in place.


"We're completely transparent about that."

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Published: 1 February 2022

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