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Qantas boss invited to WA for a slice of “humble pie”

Qantas is “struggling” to get organised after Western Australia’s border reopening was delayed from 5 February to 3 March, Qantas Group boss Alan Joyce told the Sunrise program.


“I don’t know what the extra month has given us in Perth,” he said.


“We were planned, ready and organised to open up on February 5 and now we are struggling to meet March 3 because we have people on leave that we asked to take leave and it’s a very disorderly opening.


“We will put the capacity on but it could have been done a lot better than this and it’s disappointing.


He again compared the separation of the country to North and South Korea, but this time, WA premier Mark McGowan hit back. 


“I don’t really get it,” he said. 


“Comparing us to North Korea, I think, might be a bit over the top.


“A repressive dictatorship that murders hundreds of thousands of people compared with a successful democracy, full of freedoms and the best economy in the world. I think that’s an unfair comparison.


The western state’s former Health Minister and now Tourism Minister, Roger Cook, is confident there getting more flights into and out of Perth Airport once the border opens won’t be an issue, the ABC reported. 


"I would leave the armchair critics on the east coast to their business,” he said. 


"We know that when the passengers come back, the flights will be put on, at the end of the day Alan Joyce wants to make a profit," he said.


"And he knows that Western Australia, because it's such a strong economy, is an important profit centre for that company."


"So, he'll behave himself in due course and hopefully he'll be able to eat some delicious humble pie when he comes to WA and sees just how good it is here."


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Published: 23 February 2022

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