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Qantas to drop inflight mask mandates to these destinations

After news that Australians will no longer be required to wear masks in Australian airport terminals, a  spokesperson for Qantas and Jetstar has said “the next step should be to remove mask mandates on-board aircraft”.



“Global studies show the risk of transmission inside aircraft cabins is very low due to the air being refreshed every few minutes, in addition to forward facing seats and HEPA filters which capture 99 per cent of airborne particles,” the spokesperson told The Australian.


According to the spokesperson, the Qantas Group intends to soon update its on-board mask policy for international flights to align with the rules at the destination. 


“For some outbound international flights where masks are not required at the destination, such as flights to the US, UK and Europe, this means masks will no longer be mandatory on board.”


However, the spokesperson admitted they could appreciate that given the different rules in different jurisdictions, some customers could find masks requirements “confusing”.


“We’re doing our best to help them prepare for their flights as well as continuing to talk to governments about the need for more consistent rules,” said the spokesperson.


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Published: 15 June 2022

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