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REVEALED: The airports perfect for business travellers

Travelling for business and for leisure obviously have different requirements for a traveller; luggage will generally be a lot less in volume, different items will need to be packed and even the cost of the ticket may be subsidised by your company.


But how does business travel differ from leisure travel when it comes to your needs and requirements of the airports you will be departing from and arriving into?


New research by the team at Globehunters has delved into the finer details and analysed 45 of the world’s most popular airports used for business travel. Looking at features such as  On-Time Arrival Performance, Airport Parking Price (£ Per Day), Number of Lounges and more, they’ve created a guide to the World’s Best Airports for Business Travellers:



Japan’s Narita International Airport takes the top spot, scoring 5 out of 5 stars for their Airport Rating, serving 42,601,130 passengers, and scoring 81.1% on their average on-time arrival performance.


Sydney Airport serves 102 destinations and ranks worldwide as the 21st best airport for business travellers. It operates at 78% for on-time arrival performance and only takes, on average, 21 minutes to reach by car from Sydney itself.


Top 10 Airports Perfect for Business Travellers

  1. Narita International Airport, Japan
  2. Los Angeles International Airport, USA
  3. Frankfurt Airport, Germany
  4. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands
  5. George Bush Intercontinental Airport, USA
  6. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, USA
  7. Munich Airport, Germany
  8. Madrid Barajas Airport, Spain
  9. Tokyo Haneda Airport, Japan
  10. Dubai International Airport, United Arab Emirates


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Published: 19 July 2019

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