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Revealed: The plane boarding habits of Australians

How do you approach boarding for your flight? If you’re someone who likes to take your time in getting to your gate, you’re not alone.



A study by British Airways of Australian flyers has found that nearly half (47%) of Aussie travellers like to hold back in order to miss the rush to the gate, while some (4%) won’t even make a move for their gate until the ‘final call’ message comes.


Another interesting find was that six in ten passengers always go to the toilet before boarding the plane, even if they don’t need to.


Earlier in the airport experience, the study found more than half (52%) of travellers leave plenty of time for check-in – that is, getting to the airport after the desk has opened but with time to spare – while nearly half (46%) arrive at the airport before check-in has even opened.


According to the study, over seven in ten (72%) Australians think of themselves as organized travellers, while one in four (26%) consider themselves a little haphazard in their approach, despite usually being punctual.


When it comes to travel documents, almost half of those surveyed said they just look after their own documents, while four in ten (38%) said they looked after the documents of everyone they are travelling with as well.


How do you proceed through the airport?


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 13 February 2018

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