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Routine rules for Aussie flyers: study

For most, holidays offer the chance to break the routine of normal life. But it seems a lot of us like to take our routine approach with us.



According to a new study by British Airways, Australians are to a large extent, creatures of habit when it comes to travel, with half of those polled admitting to going through the same rituals on each vacation.


Polling 1,000 Aussies in January 2018, the survey also found that nearly half (48%) of holidaymakers like to get up or eat breakfast at the same time each day.


However, it seems many of us also use travel to consume in ways we wouldn’t normally, with four in ten (40%) of those surveyed using flights as an opportunity to indulge in food and drink.


In the study, more than six in ten (62%) respondents said they often consume food and drink in the air that they wouldn’t usually have on the ground, such as nuts, pretzels, cheese and biscuits, sweets and crisps.


“It is thought that our ability to taste can be reduced by as much as 30 per cent at altitude, therefore it makes sense that we might crave a few foods that we wouldn’t otherwise choose when we’re on the ground,” said Nicole Backo, British Airways’ regional general manager, South West Pacific.


According to the study, one in ten Australians always indulge in a ‘pre-holiday’ drink after airport security checks regardless of the time, while three in ten (28%) enjoy an alcoholic beverage if the time is appropriate.


Conversely, almost half of those polled said that they never drink alcohol before they fly.


On board, nearly half (44%) eat and drink as soon as they’re able for a quick collection of meal trays, and almost half save a treat or two for later in the flight.


Written by: Mark Harada
Published: 9 February 2018

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