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The 20 Commandments of Flying revealed

Here, we rank the most annoying flyer traits. Commit these sins and risk the threat of many a tut-tut-tut and possible head shake.

It may have been awhile since you’ve flown so you may have forgotten the protocols of polite plane society. If you’re hair is long, don’t let it drape over the back of the seat and into the personal space (and covering the screen) of the person behind you. WEAR. SHOES. TO. THE. TOILET. There are more. 



According to Only Wanderlust there are 25 actually. 


The travel blog conducted a survey of more than 1500 airline travellers to see what behaviours are the most annoying, and which ones they can live with.


Here are the most annoying travel passengers ranked:

  1. The Kicker — Your seat being kicked — 9 percent. 
  2. The Stinker — A passenger with a bad body odor — 8.7 percent. 
  3. The Loud & Proud — Other passengers talking loudly — 7.3 percent. 
  4. The Leaner — Your seat being pulled or leaned on — 7.3 percent. 
  5. The Drunk Flyer — Drunk or tipsy flyers — 7.1 percent. 
  6. The Noisy Kid — Crying babies or children — 6.7 percent. 
  7. The Recliner — The seat in front of you reclining — 5.9 percent. 
  8. The Scented — A passenger wearing strong perfume or cologne — 5.7 percent. 
  9. The Not-So-Masked — Passengers not wearing their masks properly — 5.4 percent. 
  10. The Loud Sleeper — A passenger snoring — 5.2 percent. 
  11. The Stinky Feet — A passenger removing socks or shoes — 4.2 percent. 
  12. The Eager — Passengers standing and getting bags as soon as the plane lands — 3.8 percent. 
  13. The BYO Meal — A passenger bringing on smelly food — 3.3 percent. 
  14. The Weak Bladder — People getting out of their seats regularly — 3.2 percent. 
  15. The Chatty Cathy — Your neighbor talking to you through the flight — 3.2 percent. 
  16. The Armrest Hog — Your neighbor taking up all of the armrest — 2.7 percent. 
  17. The Too Relaxed — A passenger putting their feet up on or between your seat — 2.5 percent. 
  18. The Clapper — Passengers applauding when the plane lands — 2.5 percent. 
  19. The Manspreader — Passengers spreading their legs, aka manspreading — 2.5 percent. 
  20. The Night Owl— Bright phone or tablet screens on night flights — 2 percent.


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Published: 7 March 2022

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