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The great aviation bake off is a thing

It’s about 8am and we’re at the airport for the launch of a new route. We’ve not yet had breakfast. But there’s cake?!


And it’s usually a slab of cake, a sight not often seen in our industry — or anywhere outside of a birthday party. But it’s a thing. 


It only got worse in 2007. UK based aviation industry site Anna.ero ran a Route of the Week competition. But entries always seemed to include a fancy cake, so website publisher Paul Hogan (not that one) launched a Cake of the Week competition, the ABC reported. 


“Soon everyone wanted the cake award and didn't care about the new Route of the Week award," Hogan said.


"When I meet airline CEOs, they don't start telling me about their yield on the route or something like that. They just say: 'when am I going to win Cake of the Week?'"


An 8kg cake with 4kg of ganache and 4kg of fondant took out the prize in June for the new Darwin to Canberra route.


And I have to say, I’m pretty proud.


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Published: 13 July 2021

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