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The little bit of plastic that you MUST pack when flying

Who would have thought that a little piece of s-shaped plastic could make all the difference to your comfort when you’re flying?


I just flew from Sydney to Toronto via Vancouver. That means that I have been in a mask for the better part of 24 hours. And of course I’m wearing the fancy P2 masks which sit tight around your face and, more importantly, your ears. 


After three hours walking through the airport, when I got to my gate, I realised how much the backs of my ears hurt. A few other passengers had the masks that reached over your head. I did not. 


But I realised that the extra masks I had brought to change mid-flight came with little s-shaped plastic hoops. 



So while I was waiting to board, I quickly pulled the hoops together and voila, the pain was gone. And because I tied it under my hair, I didn’t end up with those lines in my hair. 


So hang onto the hooks. They’re comfort gold!


Of course, the more eco option could be to use what you already have around the house. One of those old bread ties perhaps?


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Published: 25 May 2022

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