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This airline plans to fine you A LOT for unruly behaviour

Imagine this: you're important, not boy band important but I-was-once-on-Neighbours important, and despite only travelling on an Economy ticket, you're not automatically bumped to Business. It's clear what you have to do: beat up a 60-year-old airline staffer with your sandals.



As far fetched as that sounds, this actually happened on an Air India flight. The culprit? An MP, who some are saying should apply for a job as United Airlines' new boss.


Weeks later, the national carrier is reportedly considering issuing steep fines for those who hold up its planes.


Should a passenger cause a delay of up to one hour, Air India is proposing issuing a fine of five lakh rupees (over AU$10,200); a delay of one to two hours would bring about a fine of ten lakh rupees (over AU$20,500) and a hold up of more than two hours will cost passengers a cool 15 lakh rupees (over AU$30,800), airline sources told the Press Trust of India.


The Times of India reports that these figures have little to do with recouping lost profits due to delays or damage caused, but is rather a symbolic amount to act as a strong deterrent for unruly behaviour.


In order to levy these fines, Air India employees would have to follow strict protocol which includes an immediate police complaint filed under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code. Any property damages would also be assessed in order to be claimed against the unruly flyer, The Times reported.


So next time you feel the urge to run amok pre-flight, just take a minute and consider just how much it may cost you.


Written by: Gaya Avery
Published: 19 April 2017

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