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This Louis Vuitton plane-shaped bag costs more than an actual plane

We were about four months into lockdown when I realised I had a problem. A plane problem. I was sewing some airplane-shaped buttons onto a blazer when I realised they looked a lot like my airplane earrings. And then it all clicked. My desire to travel, to fly, was seeping out of me and into my sartorial choices. 


A couple months back Louis Vuitton presented their Fall-Winter 2021 Collection by Virgil Abloh in Paris and I was vindicated. 


Vuitton, like Balmain and Thom Brown, were taking our sudden standstill and desire to travel and translating it into their lookbooks. 



In the below video, you see models literally dressed as cities, clutching bags emblazoned with the words ‘Tourist vs Purist’. And like my own humble op shop blazer, overcoats featured airplane buttons.


But this bag caught my eye. 


You see, there’s an ex-Lufthansa jet sitting in Guarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It’s on the market for 125,000 Brazilian reals (or about AUD29,604). 


I don’t have a tonne of cash to spare, but with house prices where they are, the current trend of tiny homes, and my previously mentioned plane obsession, a girl can dream. 


Enter the Louis Vuitton plane-shaped bag. Here might be the solution, no?


No. Turns out this little beauty will you back a measly AUD50,366.



Maybe it’s the fashion industry that needs a holiday.


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Published: 28 April 2021

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