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TSA’s Top 10 ‘catches’ for 2021

About ten years ago I found my holy grail deodorant in a health food shop in Maine. So, of course I googled to see if I’d have to check it in with my Vermont maple syrup or could just pop it in my hand carry. 


To be clear, there were no bullets in the deodorant.


Why does that have to be clarified? Because according to the just-released list of last year’s strangest confiscations by the US Transportation Security Administration, some people do not know that bullets cannot be carried in deodorant.


Here are the Top 10:

10. Bullets hidden in a deodorant stick. This passenger must have been "sweating bullets," the TSA video says.

9. Long-barreled antique-looking pistol

8. Breakfast burrito with meth in it

7. A belt buckle hiding a firearm

6. A cleaver

5. A can of bear spray

4. Machete

3. Fireworks

2. A wine bottle holder that looks like a gun

1. A chain saw


So next time you plan to fly to the States with keep the bullets out of your deodorant and the meth out of your breakfast burrito. And maybe just leave the chain saw related activities for your domestic travel back home.


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Published: 16 January 2022

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